Thursday 19 July 2012

....and Relax!

Well I've done it....

I finally have all of 2009 photos scrapped and put into CM albums:

  • White Album:  Devon's album (1 to 2 years old) - 74 pages
  • 2 x Purple Albums:  Chronological 2009 albums - 62 pages & 44 pages
  • Brown Vacation Album:  Spainish Holiday 2009 - 56 pages
It has taken me 18 months to finish this total of 236 pages !!  I could not face counting the number of photographs scrapped :-)

 There are still a few tidy ups to do, but then again are any albums completely finished, there is always something I want to tweak.

So onwards and upwards, I know need to decide either to go backwards and do 2006  (2007 & 2008 already done) or forwards and do 2010....  DECISIONS DECISIONS  !!!

This has been my all time favourite paper:  Miss Caroline by My Minds Eye, from my 5+ years in scrapbooking, and I have used it so so much.  I bought 2 separate 6 x 6 pads in both colours - Dilly Dally and Dolled Up  and then added in some single 12x12 sheets to make the whole collection going.   This was a good approach and I will do it again, watch out for some more blogs on this from Lisa Jane a S J Crafts Design Team member.  S J Crafts is also where I do most of my scrapbook shopping and supplied my favourite paper plus many others.

Feel free to follow my blog, and theirs....    

Here's looking forward to a new scrapbooking project & summer still to come in 2012....

Friday 29 June 2012

And it has taken 18 months

And it has taken 18 months....

to get near the end of finishing scrapbooking my whole of 2009 photos....  This means I will never catch up.  I have been very keen to scrap at every opportunity and eager to finish this milestone.

I usually print a whole year's photos in one go, and then work my way through them, allocating the finished layouts to different albums.   This way I find I have a variety of topics, and do not get bored of just one subject.

 For 2009 I will end up with:

  • 2 albums full of my youngest daughter Devon's series (1 year - 2 - years old)
  • 1 vacation album of our family holiday in 2009 - Spain.  Normally I do not fill a whole album with one holiday as I have vacation albums that include all holidays, however this was such a great family holiday, full of activities, that  it has filled an album of its own.
  • 2 albums full of my 2009 chronological album, that means all photos that do not fit in the 2 categories above!!
I have completely finished my Span album and show you a few highlights below.  I now only have a handful of layouts left to complete, most of them need the photos printing at a smaller size, and I will be getting them done very soon.

I think I will  now focus on my "Book of Me" project and layouts for a while, as I have photos available and again it is a different subject/topic.

I hope you like the blog and layouts, thank you for reading it....


Thursday 7 June 2012


Well I managed to get a couple of hours in my craft room today on this very wet and windy (in the South) half term day, after completing 2 layouts, I thought I would start my first official post and I have based this on the Favourites theme.  I have included 2 layouts, both favourites, of mine, in their own way

My favourite shape at the moment is the hexagon....  And my favourite layout is this one, I have done it 4 times now 1 With squares and pen stitches to make it look very patchworky.  2.  With squares and inked, which was a more contemporary look.  3.  Double page with hexagons (inked) around the edges and 4.  This one a whole 12  x 12 page covered in patchwork hexagons.  I love it...

Papers used for this layout were it's the little things from Fancy Pants Designs and I used a 6 x 6 paper pad to do the page - this is a great way to use the smaller paper pads....

My Place
And my favourite papers at the moment are these..... I just love them and love using them, I have the set in 2 colours - Dilly Dally and Dolled Up.  I keep buying more individual sheets to make the kits and the 6 x 6 pads go even further, as I am not fed up with using the design.

Layout used  Miss Caroline by My Minds Eye collection.

I hope you like my first post and layouts to be shown.... Lots more to follow

Artful Angels

Wednesday 30 May 2012

At last I join the bloggin world.....

Hello Everyone

I have finally given into pressure to starting my blog.  I run scrapbook crops and workshops, and have lots of layouts to share with you.  I hope you will follow me, watch this space, as I have a class tonight and I will show you the layout I create very soon....