Thursday, 19 July 2012

....and Relax!

Well I've done it....

I finally have all of 2009 photos scrapped and put into CM albums:

  • White Album:  Devon's album (1 to 2 years old) - 74 pages
  • 2 x Purple Albums:  Chronological 2009 albums - 62 pages & 44 pages
  • Brown Vacation Album:  Spainish Holiday 2009 - 56 pages
It has taken me 18 months to finish this total of 236 pages !!  I could not face counting the number of photographs scrapped :-)

 There are still a few tidy ups to do, but then again are any albums completely finished, there is always something I want to tweak.

So onwards and upwards, I know need to decide either to go backwards and do 2006  (2007 & 2008 already done) or forwards and do 2010....  DECISIONS DECISIONS  !!!

This has been my all time favourite paper:  Miss Caroline by My Minds Eye, from my 5+ years in scrapbooking, and I have used it so so much.  I bought 2 separate 6 x 6 pads in both colours - Dilly Dally and Dolled Up  and then added in some single 12x12 sheets to make the whole collection going.   This was a good approach and I will do it again, watch out for some more blogs on this from Lisa Jane a S J Crafts Design Team member.  S J Crafts is also where I do most of my scrapbook shopping and supplied my favourite paper plus many others.

Feel free to follow my blog, and theirs....    

Here's looking forward to a new scrapbooking project & summer still to come in 2012....